The 50th Annual Parish Assembly of St. Gregory the Enlightener

February 5th, 2023. The meeting began in the church. At Der Hayr’s request, last year’s Assembly Chairman Van Krikorian called the meeting to order. After verifying the eligibility of members and determining that a quorum was present to conduct business, the Nominating Committee presented the slate of candidates for Parish Council, Nominating Committee, and Diocesan Delegates’ positions. 

Following the lunch, annual statements and reports of all of the organizations were presented and approved. The budget for the upcoming year was also approved.

 We are thrilled to have the following individuals elected/reelected to fill positions within Parish Council and other committees:

Parish Council: Chris Bonfiglio, Gayane Manukyan, Janet Ozsolak, Sybil Postian, and Ronald Sanossian; Alternate: Sylvia Ansourian Kruizenga. Nominating Committee: Ann Daw, Andrew Kayaian, Lauren Kayaian, and Ellie Krolian; Alternate: Holly Malkasian Staudinger. Diocesan Delegates: Lisa Kouzoujian and Van Krikorian.

Congratulations to the newly elected members and many thanks to the outgoing members for their service.