Family Pizza Night and Nushkhar Baking with Der Hayr

On Friday, January 27th, about 50 parishioners (families, couples, and individuals) gathered at St. Gregory’s Tutak hall for a family pizza night. Following the pizza dinner, Der Mesrob held a short presentation in the sanctuary explaining the meaning of the Holy Communion, the chalice, the nushkhar (wafer – the bread used for the Holy Communion) and the wine, which are used during the Divine Liturgy in administering the sacrament of the Holy Communion.
Following the presentation everyone went back to the Tutak hall where Der Mesrob presented the tools for making nushkhar and the instructions on how to use them. All participants enjoyed learning about the techniques which they later used to prepare their own nushkhars.
Afterwards, the participants were able to shape the dough into the form of a nushkhar, which they baked in the kitchen with the help of Ann and Tom Daw, and Harout Tigranian.
The children and their families had an enjoyable time and took their baked nushkhars home with them.