Clubs & Committees

Cultural Committee

The Cultural committee was established for the purpose of providing events, of a cultural nature, that might have fallen outside the specific interests and focus of the many organizations that the church enjoys. It essentially has been presenting young Armenian performing artists, relevant films, speakers, and until of late, an annual Holiday Book and Gift fair.


Due to the paucity of its membership, however, responsibilities fall on far too few shoulders. We encourage younger, culturally minded members from our church family to bolster our efforts.


Please consider bringing your interest and talent to our, by nature, select committee. Conceptually our horizons are unlimited.


John Wolohojian – Chairperson

John Cultural committee

St. Gregory the Enlightener Men’s Club

The mission of the SGE Men’s Club, is based on the same five pillars as the other SGE organizations. Our goal is to implement those five goals in a way that is interesting, inclusive, enjoyable, relevant, current and effective. We try to do so through our selection of “themes” for each Men’s Club Party (formerly known as meetings) as well as the general format of these events.


An important purpose of the organization is to foster fellowship – a friendly association of people with shared interests. Good communication, both in person as well as electronically, will be important in this sense.


The term “club” is a bit of a misnomer because the organization has always been open and inclusive to all men, young and old, married and unmarried, of Armenian descent or simply Armenian by association. There are no dues or minimum attendance requirements. Ladies and families are occasionally invited to attend some of the events of the Men’s Club.


All are encouraged to share their expertise, their hobbies, offer ideas, provide feedback, attend and volunteer to speak. Also, in addition to our theme parties we need to develop and encourage the use of our online community which provides additional dimensions of collaboration, sharing and keeping a permanent record.


Chris Bonfiglio – Chairman