Confirmation is a sacrament, in which a baptized person receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit, when he is anointed with chrism (*).


In the Armenian Church the sacrament of the confirmation is called droshm or knounk, which means “seal”. Confirmation takes place immediately after the baptism.


The grace of the Holy Spirit is granted by chrism for confirmation in Christian life; it strengthens our spirits, sanctifies our spiritual possibilities and equips us with courage to struggle against all trials.

(*) Chrism, In Armenian “myron”, is made of olive oil and other special oils of different fragrant substances and flowers. In the Armenian Apostolic Church the chrism is consecrated once every seven years. Only the Catholicos of All Armenians and the Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia have the right to consecrate the chrism.

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Parts of the body are granted special graces while being anointed:

Forehead: “Sweet ointment in the name of Jesus Christ is poured upon you as a seal of incorruptible heavenly gifts”.
Eyes: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ may enlighten your eyes that you may never sleep unto death”.
Ears: “This holy anointing be unto you for the hearing of the divine commandments”.
Nostril: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be to you a sweet smell from life unto life”.
Lips: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be for you a guardian for your mouth and a strong door for your lips”.

Hands: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be to you a cause for charity and for all virtuous deeds and behavior”.
Heart: “This divine seal may confirm in you a pure heart and renew within you an upright spirit”.
Back: “This seal in the name of Jesus Christ be to you a shield of strength thereby to quench all the fiery darts of the Evil”.
Feet: “This divine seal of God may direct your steps unto life everlasting that you may not be shaken”.