10th Anniversary of Der Mesrob’s Ordination to the Holy order of Priesthood and Ordination of Acolytes

On Sunday, January 21st, the parishioners of St. Gregory the Enlightener welcomed His Eminence Archbishop Khajak Barsamian who joined the community to preside over the celebration of Der Mesrob’s 10th Anniversary of Ordination and ordain acolytes of the parish.
The Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Der Mesrob, surrounded by the deacons, sub-deacons, and acolytes of the church. The choir sang beautifully, augmented by members of the Junior Choir, and guests. The sermon of the day was offered by the Primate, who at the conclusion of his words, bestowed upon the pastor a pectoral cross in appreciation of Fr. Hovsepyan’s devoted service within the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America.
The Primate concluded the church services with the ordination of four acolytes, Alek Kevorkian, Avedis Ohanissian, Kyle Pidedjian, and Nicholas Cehreci, and bestowing special blessing upon candle holders Christie Lauren Blonkvist (Leylegian) and Christina Cassetta.
Following the service, the community assembled in the church hall for a luncheon replete with a piano and dance performances, speeches, presentation of certificates and gifts to the newly ordained acolytes.

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